What can I offer?

What can I offer? I’m happy to help with both small and large scale projects. This could be devising a communications and engagement plan for a specific event; it might be delivering a team building day for your staff team; it could be reviewing a business plan; or it may be providing interim leadership for your organisation as you go through a recruitment process. 

I’d be delighted to discuss your project further. Send me a message or call me to explore solutions together.

Support I can offer includes:


* Developing & Delivering Strategy

* Project Management

* Development & Fundraising Initiatives

* Artistic Planning

* Creative Problem Solving

* Communications Strategies

* Team Building & Leadership

* Event & Artist Promotion

* Strategic Business Planning

* Quality Improvement

* Resource & Budget Management

* Change Management

* Partnership Development

* Community Engagement

* Logistics Planning

* Capital Project Planning & Management

* Stakeholder Liaison

* Digital Production and Engagement

* Public Relations